Volleyball is Ace for Corporate Wellbeing


Volleyball WA is pleased to announce the release of our all new Discover Corporate Volleyball packages. These corporate packages are a great way for businesses to work on their team building in an enjoyable social environment. It is also a great opportunity to get out of the office and be active all while enjoying the wonderful scenery at the Inner City beach courts at Volleyball WA.

At just $40 per person, the 2 hour program includes an expert coaching session as well as some fun volleyball games and mini tournament. These games include school yard favourites like relay races and four corners.  The packages also include catering from our wonderful local partners at IGA Wembley/The Good Grocer. Volleyball and amazing food, what’s not to love?

It has been proven that Volleyball is a great corporate team building activity with the annual Fortix Corporate cup continuing to grow each year. Volleyball is one of the most accessible sports with people of all ages, ability, and fitness levels being able to play. Making it the perfect sport for corporate team building or social occasions.

The topic of corporate team building has become even more relevant with many workplaces making the transition back to working from the office. With many of these workers spending significant periods of time during the last 18 months isolating and working from home, now is the best time to reacquaint staff and rebuild the levels of collaboration and trust.

The benefits of physical activity in the workplace cannot be overstated. The World Health Organisation recommends that adults aged 18-64 should participate in 150 minutes of moderate exercise every week. This can be difficult to achieve when you are spending 8 hours of your day sitting down at work. So introduce some physical activity into your workplace with our Discover Corporate Volleyball Packages. Physical activity does not just have benefits on your physical health by decreasing chances of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke, it can also have a positive impact on your mental health too.

Some research even suggests that physical activity can have a positive impact on a person’s productivity. A study done by Leeds Metropolitan University found that workers who did some physical activity during work hours were more productive, managed their time better, and felt more satisfied.

The Discover Corporate Volleyball Packages will be officially launched at the 2021 Fortix Corporate Cup in October this year. This perfectly coincides with the warming up of the weather and the start of summer, making it a great opportunity for businesses to get out and enjoy the beautiful sunshine while celebrating the end of another long year.

No need to wait until then of course, to enquire about the Discover Corporate Volleyball Packages, email [email protected] or call 9228 8522