Spotlight: Brad Barclay – Get Better, Not Bitter


Brad Barclay speaks about his time at the Beach ParaVolley World Championships and the growth of the code. Read about Brad’s and the team’s experience in the article below.  

Representing my country for the third time was just as amazing as my first. I have known my teammates from previous development camps, but we don’t often get the opportunity to play together,  there are more and more athletes attending each camp. It did take a while to work out our strengths and weaknesses on the court, but we got it together just in time for finals. Most of our opposition receive funding and can meet and train more regularly, but we are happy with our 5th place result.

Photo courtesy of Australian ParaVolley

When it comes to the event itself, it is always great to play on a grand stage with an electric atmosphere- lights, music, announcers and big crowds of locals who want plenty of selfies (The real VIP treatment.) The organisation of these types of events is so professional and accommodating. Translators are on hand to help with the language barrier and the needs of athletes are a priority of the LOC (local Organising Committee.)

Photo courtesy of Australian ParaVolley

The sport is still in its infancy, and being a part of it is amazing. The movement will continue to grow and a Paralympic bid for 2032 is likely alongside Sitting Volleyball (which has been part of the Paralympics since 1980) is a real possibility.

I am now almost 6 years post-amputation, and my biggest motivator is that “somebody is always going to have it worse, you are just missing part of a leg. Get better, not bitter.”


Written by Brad Barclay