Junior League Gala Day

The Junior League Gala Day was held on Sunday, 10th August at Loftus Recreation Centre. Instead of the regular Junior League round on a Friday night, all teams competed in 2 games on the Sunday which even saw cross over matches between 2 pools of the Under 18 Women. The day involved plenty of fun and games which included a sought after raffle prize won by David Hedge.

As part of the day, Volleyball WA organised a friendly vertical jump competition to give the players a chance to see how they stood up against each other (please find the results below).

Throughout the day, it wasn’t only the taller players that had big hopes, it was great to see some of the younger and not so tall players show off what they could do!

It will be interesting to follow our younger players as it won’t be to long until they grow and start to show the benefits of training and technique that will increase their vertical leap.

A vertical jump is an important skill to develop in your volleyball game and there is a proper technique that can add inches to your jump. If you would like to improve your jump height we encourage you to talk to your coach and start practicing – get jumping!!