International Volunteer Day 2021


Each year on 5 December, International Volunteer Day is celebrated around the world in more than eighty countries. The United Nations first mandated this day in 1985. It allows for volunteers and organisations to celebrate their efforts and successes within different organisations.

The theme for 2021 is Volunteer now for our common future. Volunteer now for our common future, aims to inspire people, whether they are decision-makers or citizens of this world, to take action NOW for people and the planet. If you are interested in taking some action and supporting your community through sport, get in touch with our office to see what the opportunities are on 9228 8522 or [email protected].

Volunteers in sport are crucial to the success of clubs and associations as many would not be able to run without them. At the community level especially, volunteers contribute to the social and economic value of sport. Every year, 2.9 million Australians volunteer at community sport and recreation clubs. Improvements in physical and mental wellbeing have been linked to volunteering with the sporting industry. It builds a positive, strong, connected and socially cohesive community. Inclusivity in the community is becoming more relevant, and volunteers are enabling people from minority groups to be more involved with sporting activities. During significant and stressful times, people who volunteer also have increased life satisfaction.

Volleyball WA is proud to have a range of volunteers who support the running of our sport. We are lucky to have people who volunteer on eight different VWA committees and nine very experienced board members. At the club level, most are led by an unpaid President and are supported by volunteer committee members. They are often called upon to provide volunteers to deliver game day duty roles like lines people and scoring.

Volleyball WA wishes to recognise these individuals on International Volunteer Day. We believe it is important to recognise these people for their hard work and dedication in the VWA community. Their efforts do not go unnoticed and VWA is very appreciative to them for giving up their time to support the growth and development of volleyball in Western Australia.

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