WA Masters Return from Successful Aus Games

Our WA Masters players have recently returned from the 2017 Australian Masters Games, held in Tasmania. WA enjoyed great success at the event with most teams medaling in every event they entered. Congratulations all!

Thanks to Pamela Jackson for the updates.
West Australian masters players:
Pamela Jackson 5 gold 1silver
Matthew Thackray 5 gold 1silver
Alex Moir. 5 gold. 1bronze
Theresa Marshall. 5 gold
Alan Johns. 5 gold
Mel Davey 4 gold 1bronze
Inga Withers 3 gold
Regina Celisova 2 gold. 1silver
Sachiko Kuroiwa 2 gold
Ann Wells 1 gold
Wendy. 1 gold
35+ men’s Alan & Matt gold
40+ ladies Alex & Mel bronze
45+ ladies T & Inga gold
45+ ladies Pam & Regina silver
4 aside
40+ Ladies T, Inga, Mel,Alex gold
45+ ladies Pam,Regina, (Kate & Di) gold
Matt played in a men’s 4s Tasmanian team and won gold
Mixed pairs
35+ Alan & Pam gold
40+ Alex & Matt gold
Mixed 4s
35+ Alan, Matt, Pam, Alex, Mel gold
45+ Regina,T, (Tasmanian men) gold
40+ women’s Mighty Swans Pamela,Mel,Alex,Theresa,Inga,sachiko, Ann,Wendy. GOLD
35+ mixed hardcourt. Alan, Matt, Alex, Mel, Pam, Sachi, (Steve.) GOLD
*Alan & Matt played in Tasmanian teams and won gold and silver.
*any names in brackets are not west Australians