Alcohol. Think Again Beach Tour 2020/2021

Beach is back, and so is the warm weather!

As the west coast starts to heat up, volleyball players of all ages and levels are flocking to the sand to prepare for the upcoming summer beach volleyball season. Volleyball WA CEO Robyn Kuhl commended everyone who is “using this opportunity to get out, get active and look after their mental and physical health.”

“Whilst we certainly have many things to be grateful for in WA, our community is still in recovery from a difficult period. The Mental Health Week that just passed has reminded us all about the importance of looking after our mental health in the same light as our physical health. I am delighted to see so many people prioritising physical activity in the many forms of volleyball as a key component to maintaining their mental well-being. ” Said Kuhl.

One of the many opportunities to get active this summer is the 2020/2021 Alcohol. Think Again Beach Tour (ATABT), which kicks off on the 14th of November at City Beach. Volleyball WA is excited to officially announce the dates and locations of this season’s eight-round series.

The 2020/2021 beach tour will see two brand new regional locations added to the line up: Geraldton and Mandurah.

“It is so important that we continue to engage with our regional associations and communities, and we are excited to be adding two new opportunities to achieve this with the beach volleyball tour.” Kuhl added.

Additionally, Volleyball Australia and the Australian Beach Volleyball Tour (ABVT) are making their way west in February, subject to COVID-19 restrictions. The ABVT will be the second of three events held at Scarborough this season, led by the WA Open and followed by the newest format to join the tour, ‘King of the Court’. WA’s top seeded teams will battle it out at the lively Scarborough Sunset Markets in a new and exciting spectacle for beach volleyball in WA.

For ongoing information about each round and how to register, click the button below which takes you to the events on the Volleyball WA website.

If you have any questions about the 2020/2021 Alcohol. Think Again Beach Tour, please contact the office on 08 9228 8522 or email [email protected]