Old and new faces feature at Groundswell


The Groundswell Festival marked the beginning of beach season in grand style, featuring a thrilling King and Queen of the court competition.

Adding an international touch to the weekend’s festivities was Ben O’Dea, who had previously clinched the Bronze Medal for New Zealand in the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Paired up with local Jonathan Hunt the two winning the Men’s competition.

The season’s opening also saw a powerful start from Tessa Browne and Jasmine Serra, who secured a victory and are now determined to pursue gold in the upcoming ATA season.

Additionally, it was a joy to witness the progress of our young, promising players, Lucas Priest and Harrison Buhler, as they made their presence felt on the beach.

The final results were:


Winners: Jonathan Hunt and Ben O’Dea

Runners Up: Jed Walker and Caleb Watson


Winners: Tessa Browne and Jasmine Serra

Runners Up: Kyla Sanchez and Jolie Du Plessis

Round one of the Alcohol. Think Again Beach Tour starts on October 21 & 22 at City Beach – registrations are now open.