Beach Volleyball Royalty Entertains Scarborough Market Crowd

The Alcohol. Think Again Beach Tour launched a brand-new format of beach volleyball last month with its debut King & Queen of the Court event at the Scarborough Sunset Markets. The top eight teams per gender from the WA beach tour took centre court under the lights at the Scarborough Amphitheatre to showcase a new, fast-paced version of beach volleyball for the lively Sunset Market crowd.

King & Queen of the Court has long been known as training game, but in 2017 it was brought to the international stage and is now played in FIVB competitions across the world. Different to regular beach volleyball where teams play an untimed match to the best of 3 sets, this format is an elimination-style beach volleyball race played to a ticking clock, with the goal being to reach the highest number of points while on the Kingside/Queenside of the court. It is a mix of sport and show, and proved to be the perfect fit for a crowd looking to be entertained.

“It was awesome to see this initial idea transformed into a great event.” Said Volleyball WA Events Coordinator, Jackie Tamburri. “We are always looking for new and exciting events to add to our portfolio, so the opportunity to collaborate with the Scarborough Sunset Markets was a no-brainer for the beach tour.”

The Royal Rules have not seen their last appearance on the Alcohol. Think Again Beach Tour. With the success of this launch, Volleyball WA and presenting partners, Healthway will continue to work together towards providing exciting and innovative events throughout next season.

The beach tour will reach its third debut milestone this season, hitting Town Beach in Mandurah for the first time in tour history. Catch all the regional action on the 13-14 March for Round 7 of the Alcohol. Think Again Beach Tour.

For more information about this event or any others on the Alcohol. Think Again Beach Tour, please visit or contact the Volleyball WA office on 9228 8522.