5 Ways to be Active this Weekend

According to Sports Australia, 81% of Australian children aren’t getting enough exercise and nearly 70% of adults aren’t either.

This weekend Volleyball WA are challenging you to find your 30 and discover something new. Whether it’s with the family at home or somewhere new with mates, we’ve got a way for you to be more active.

1. Keep cool and play in the pool.

As a country we love the water and in summer we spend most of our time either in it or sitting around it. If you have a pool out the back, why not make a splash this weekend and be active. Play your way and challenge your family to a game of Pool Volley.  Get your Pool Volley kit here.

2. Head to the sand for something grand.

If you are looking for something a little more serious then why not head to the beach for a game of volleyball? Permanent poles can be found at City Beach, Floreat and Cottesloe. All three beaches are free to play on and have a first come first serve policy, however City Beach and Floreat can also be hired out exclusively. Click here more information.

All three beaches require players to bring their own nets and balls, so if you are a little light on for equipment head to the Volley Shop.

3. Set aside time to play inside.

The first volleyball experience for most people is often just a balloon, an imaginary line and a sibling. Perfect for little ones, why not play an inside balloon volleyball competition and see who reigns supreme in your household.

4. Head out back and give the ball a smack.

The Aussie backyard is a sacred place and offers everybody the chance for glory. This weekend why not try something new and pick up a Backyard Volley kit for you and your mates. Alternatively, pack a picnic and head on down to the park with a Backyard Volley kit.  Get your Backyard Volley kit here.

5. Ditch the pub and head to your local Volleyball club.

The temptation for most Australians on the weekend is to kick back and sit down with a drink. If that’s you, it’s time to think again, why not head on over to Volleyball WA’s ‘Where to Play’ page and discover your local volleyball club instead. With a range of social and casual volley options available throughout the metropolitan area, you just might find a new local that has more to offer.

For more information about how you can find your 30 this weekend or to discover your volleyball game contact Volleyball WA .