ATABT Round#8 Scarborough

ATABT round #8 Scarborough done and dusted.We were blessed with some wonderful beach volleyball actions and thrilling finals in both Men and Women divisions.  Beautiful ending to the season for the pair Dall/Worthy in the men’s elite and Banks/Morris in women’s elite division. Both teams have been consistent top 4 teams throughout the season and believed in their chances till the end and came out with the win for the last round. Well done guys.  Please click on the link below to see the full result from our last round of  the  ATABT 2016/2017 season.  Scarborough Results Summary We would like to thank all our sponsors Healthway with the Alcohol.Think again Message, Fortix, DSR, Sunday times and Lottery west for their ongoing support and Thank you to all the people who help Set up and/ pack down and all our Volunteers. Big thank you to the beach committee and board members. Finally thanks to all players who supported us at every round and travelled with us,  you guys made this season possible.  Thank you all see you for 2017/2018 beach season