Indoor Beach Referee Course

The Indoor Beach Volleyball Federation of WA is inviting all experienced and non experienced referees along to our first ever indoor beach volleyball Referee course. For the 2017 Erdinger IBV Superleague we will now be requiring referees who have completed IBV referee training for all rounds. The initial course will be designed to teach all referees the minor differences required for refereeing indoor beach volleyball in order to allow the officiating of the game to improve along with the standard of the gameplay. Whether you have played Indoor Beach Volleyball or not, we invite you along to our course in order to become a Qualified IBV referee. With this beginner qualification you will be approved to referee in all areas of Indoor Beach Volleyball whether it be weekly social competitions or our state Superleague. Once you have completed this course you will be paid for all games that you referee. The rate offered for weekly social competitions will differ from centre to centre. The rate offered for Superleague will be $25 per game (45 minute games). As mentioned the priority is to find a database of Qualified IBV referees who have completed our short course to officiate at all rounds of Superleague for the 2017 season and every year moving forward into the future. All Rounds will require at least 6/7 referees to do at least 3/4 games each over the day.   Moving forward we are working with the WA volleyball referee committee to establish a level one course similar to that of the other 2 codes of volleyball. At this stage it is envisaged that this will be available for the 2018 season.  

For those of you who haven’t completed a Volleyball Australia Level 1 course on line we encourage you to undertake this course. If you are interested in the VA on line course please Contact Amy McGregor VWA game and club development officer via her email – [email protected] (please note that this online course will allow you to also referee indoor and beach volleyball also).    

The 2017 Erdinger Superleague dates are as follows: Date : 6th may  Venues : Malaga & Bunbury Date : 27th May Venues : Fremantle & Canning vale Date : 17th June Venues : Canning vale & Joondalup Date : 1st July Venues : Joondalup & Bunbury Date : 29th July Venue : Osborne Park (Mega Round) Date : 19th August Venue : Fremantle (Finals)  

Course Details Date : 22nd April 2017 Venue : Joondalup Indoor Beach Volleyball  115 Winton Rd, Joondalup Cost : Free Time : 10am – 12pm (Roughly) RSVP : by Monday 17th April  To – Jayson fox at  [email protected] or 9301 2208 What to bring : pen & paper What you get : IBV referee Qualification (required to referee any Superleague round) We hope to see any and all of you there!