Promoting sports positive contribution to mental well-being in our community.


Volleyball WA is pleased to announce our ongoing relationship with the Western Australian Association for Mental Health (WAAMH). As advocates for positive mental well-being for everyone, Volleyball WA is leading the way for all in our sport to drive this in their community.

“We are extremely proud of our work in this space and fully support the work of the WA Association for Mental Health. As the Mental Health Partner of Volleyball WA, we are excited to champion the message that mental health starts where we live, learn, work and play.” said Volleyball WA CEO Robyn Kuhl.

WAAMH has three main areas of work.

  1. Systemic Advocacy – for improved public policy and human rights in mental health.
  2. Mental Health Promotion – community activities and resources which promote mental health awareness and social inclusion.
  3. Sector Development and Training

Volleyball WA each year promotes R U Ok Day and hosts the Fortix Corporate Cup during Mental Health Week in October as part of our commitment to mental well-being in our community. For clubs, WAAMH is a comprehensive resource for finding support near you and has several posters which could be displayed or shared.

“Mental health continues to be critically important with the uncertainty of COVID still in our community. The pandemic has certainly put additional pressure on the most vulnerable and highlighted the need for us all to check in with our friends and family and reach out when we need support.” Robyn Kuhl

As many of you know who visit our office on a Thursday part of our mental well-being plan includes bringing our dogs to work, we also take time out to celebrate our wins,  special occasions and share a monthly Harmony lunch.

For more information about Volleyball WA visit or phone the office on 9228 8522.