AVL match report: Canberra Heat

AVL Round 4

Hornets vs Heat Game 1

After a big round in Melbourne WA Hornets were back at home and hosting the Canberra Heat. They day was 34 degrees and the stadium was pretty much the same but did not effect the volleyball that was being played at The Rise.

Set 1
The Hornets have a sluggish start and giving the Canberra Heat the upper hand with some great defence and attack from the Heat side in particular Martin Kaufer with some huge swings not only from the front court but the back court as well, this 2013 import beach player certainly had a massive influence in the first set and gave Canberra Heat the first set.

Set 2
Set two for the WA Hornets saw the team get off to a very slow start giving the Canberra Heat a 6 – 0 head start from the serving of Borgeaud.
The WA defence and attack line were finding it very hard to get passed the Canberra Heat block and defence. After the slow start that the Hornets produced they desperately needed to step up if they were a hope to be competitive in this match, Kable Monck doing just this and getting some massive blocks and giving the Hornets a fighting opportunity for the set.
The set was side out for the remainder and despite Hornets best efforts losing the set and going into the 3.

Set 3
Set three started with a bang for the Hornets and for the first time in the weekend starting with the lead. The Hornets changing tact on the service line, opting for more conservative and constant pressure,proving effective as the Heat dug themselves into a hole of unforced errors. This brought about the substitutions of the Heat captain Todd and former Rossmoyne Senior High School player Chris Davis. However this was to no avail as the Hornets lead by the amazing blocking force of Kable Monck and Caleb Watson too the set in convincing style.

Set 4
Again the Hornets starting with a renewed energy shocking the Heat with energy. An error riddled attack from the heat combined with some contentious decisions falling the the Hornets’ way gave WA a quick lead in the set. 2013 WAVL MVP showed his worth as one of the best blockers in the league racking up several more of his some 10 blocks for the game and displaying some amazing aerial acrobatics leaping over teammates to set a ball . Errors and defence leading to WA’s fourth set win. Jack Halley also chipping in with some outstanding defensive efforts.

Set 5
A quick 3-1 start to the Heat had the Hornets in trouble before unfamiliar errors crept into the Heat game as Power and Kaufer were subbed out. James Clinch chimed in with some booming right side hits to take the Hornets to a 10-13 lead. Middlehurst and Watson formed an impenetrable wall at the net to block out the Heat and give themselves two match points at 14-12 before a Watson quick sealed the deal at 15-13.

Pearls vs Heat Game 1

Set 1
Game 1 for the Pearls looked to be an interesting one with Tara West and Mel Johnson being rested. The game started off well with some great rally points with a great side out game being played. It was 7 – 8 and Shorter stepping up and getting some much needed stuff blocks and kills to give the Pearls a handy lead and forcing Heat coach Nic Kaiser to take a timeout to try and get the Heat back on track. After the time out the Pearls put the peddle down with some great service pressure from Day / Haederli the Pearls capitalised on every opportunity and took the first set.

Set 2
The Pearls came out strong again and were playing some amazing ball and gave the Heat no opportunity to get back into this game. The Pearls middle hitters Godfrey and Shorter showing their dominance in the front court and hitting around the block from the heat. The juniors Kate Ganz and Lauren White also got to step onto court and got to show why they have been named the next big things and showing that Volleyball WA have a great future.The WA Pearls taking the second set convincingly.

Set 3
Set there very much like the other sets were playing some great ball and were dominating from the get go. Ryan applying the pressure on the serve and giving the Pearls a 5point early lead. Sipa-Borgeaud was doing everything she could to try and help the Heat get up and take the Pearls to a 4th, despite best efforts of the team the Pearls take the 3rd and close the game 3 sets to 0.

Pearls vs Heat Game 2

Set 1
The Pearls coming onto court and starting off where they had left off and playing some incredible volleyball being played. Haederli had some of the biggest influence on the team for the Pearls playing some smart ball and using the hands of the Heat block to her advantage. Tenille Ryan also had a great influence on the game and the delivery of the ball to her hitters was giving them every opportunity to make the kill. The first set was one sided with the Pearls showing just why they are dangerous and looking to take out this years AVL series winning the set 25 -13.

Set 2
The Pearls in traditional fashion started off well and making the most of the Canberra Heat errors and making them pay with a 10 point lead to the Pearls at one stage. Some changes were made to the Pearls line up with Lauren White and Kate Ganz coming on for the remainder of the set. The Heat had other ideas though with making some great plays and playing some much needed consistent play with Wallace and Sipa-Borgaud playing a key part and inching closer to closing the gape with only 3 points the difference in the late stages of the set. Despite best efforts and some key errors being made by the Heat the Pearls walk away with the 2nd set.

Set 3
Some great serving from Ella Pragt early in the set gave the Pearls a handy 6 point buffer at 8-14, forcing Heat coach Nic Kaiser to call an early timeout. Sipa-Borgeaud did her best to keep the young Heat side in it with some great work at the net but an inability to control the Pearls serve made siding out near impossible. Coach Kaiser turned to his bench for answers, ringing the changes in hope of finding the winning formula but in the end the Pearls held all the aces wrapping up the third, and the set 25-11.

Hornets vs Heat Game 2

Set 1
After a 5 set game in the previous game going the Hornets way the Canberra heat had come out firing with some big early blocks from Kaufer, Jordan Power also bringing his jump serve early in the game with a 4 point streak giving the Heat a 7 – 2 lead. The Hornets strated to tidy up their game with applying the pressure to the Heat side and Heat making a number of errors making it a 9 – 9 game. From some smart play from the Hornets with the boys making some smart plays and forcing Heat coach to take a much needed time out for to try and get his team to re focus and reduce the errors. The time out doing just that and the Canberra Heat’s Power has started to dominate on the net and got a few crucial blocks and making coach Petsos take a time out for the Hornets to get the boys on track. The players doing just that and with an awesome blocking display from the Hornets they came back forcing a time out from coach Young from Heat. The Heat un able to control the dominance of the Hornets hard hitting and aggressive serving from Borszeky evening it up at the Rise at 18 a piece.
With the roller coaster ride that both teams are on the Hornets had to call a second time out after losing a number of points on errors from their attackers. Martin Kaufer producing set point for the Heat however Hornets doing well and siding out to give Watson the serve. Despite a late burst from the WA boys the Heat come away with the set 25 -22.

Set 2 
The second set very much like the first set was set to be a big one. Some great defence by libero Halley saw the Hornets keep with the strong attack from the Canberra attack. Power from the heat was starting to show his form from the u 23’s world championship in Brazil and brought the Canberra Heat to a healthy lead of 17 – 13. Lewington from Hornets was playing well around the Heat block and defence and played a major influence on the Hornets team trying to get closer to taking the set.
Kaufer and the Heat had other ideas however and after a strong display fro Kaufer the heat took the 2nd set 25 – 17

Set 3
The Hornets really needing something special to try and get them back on track if they were any hope of making the game go to a 4th set.
Once again after the 1st game these two teams met Monck had started to show the form that he had in that game with some amazing display of setting and getting the Hornets some much needed blocks. Setter Borgaud also lifted his game from the heat and finding his hitters and giving them every opportunity to make the kill. Some great defence by both sides were being played and was a great show for the crowd with Canberra Heat getting up and winning the set and the match 25 – 15.