Five things’ parents love about volleyball for children

Volleyball is a terrific team sport that not only has a positive effect on the health of a child, but also make the child more sociable and confident.

  1. Teamwork and socialisation

Volleyball teaches kids about teamwork and helps them establish contact with their peers. The latter is especially important for children who experience problems with socialisation in everyday life. A group of like-minded people will help the child to become more sociable and confident.

  1. Positive impact on health

Volleyball has a good effect on a child’s health. The variety of movements in this sport will work almost all of the muscle groups in the body. Volleyball also strengthens a child’s immune system and cardiovascular system. It can also improve their eye movement and body posture.

  1. Creates positive qualities for the child

Playing volleyball forms and strengthens positive qualities that will surely be useful for a child later in life, such as hard work, responsibility, the desire to win, discipline and courage.

  1. Doesn’t require large financial expenses

Volleyball belongs to the category of affordable sports, as a kid will only need to participate at a registered provider, and everything will be available there. Plus, there is no expensive outfit required, just comfortable clothes and gym shoes.

  1. Non-Contact Sport

It’s an exciting high energy sport, yet it involves no direct clashes with rivals resulting in fewer injuries.

It also requires little input from parents, no running water, providing fruit, washing uniforms, only cheering from the sidelines.

Kids Volley is the entry-level Volleyball program for kids aged between 6 and 12. Kids Volley Centre run term programs using modified equipment and rules to ensure kids have fun, get active, develop new skills and teamwork.

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