Club Highlight: RVC Raptors’ Unforgettable Journey Through Japan


In March, Rossmoyne Volleyball Club (RVC) made the journey through Japan, and it was nothing short of incredible. From the bustling streets of Sendai to the welcoming embrace of Shiwa, they immersed themselves in the heart of Japanese volleyball culture.

Their adventure kicked off with rigorous training sessions and matches at Sendai University. Facing off against Sendai and Fukushima University teams tested their spirit, but the RVC Raptors rose to the challenge, adapting to the unique rhythm of Japanese volleyball.

Exploring Sendai’s vibrant sights between matches was a treat, but their journey was far from over. As they travelled north to Shiwa, anticipation grew for the FLV Champions Division tournament. But before the main event, they locked horns with Kozukata High School in spirited scratch matches.

The highlight of their trip came with a warm welcome from Shiwa’s mayor, captured in a memorable photo.

They dove into the tournament, facing off against Japan’s finest amateur teams, including the formidable Iwate Owls.

“The trip was great,” said Rossmoyne Volleyball Club’s President Matthew Waddington. “Next year we’re hoping we can go back and enter a team into the Women’s tournament as well. The hosts were incredibly accommodating, huge shout out to Nick for all the organising he did and to Andy for establishing the connection.”

Though they clinched 6th place in tough competition, they held their heads high. Every match was a lesson, every encounter a chance to grow. As they bid farewell to Japan, they carry priceless experiences and a eagerness for more.