Greenwood College’s Specialist Volleyball Program 2025


Greenwood College is currently accepting applications from Year 6 students for the Department of Education approved Specialist Volleyball Program 2025.

The closing date for applicants is Monday 27 May 2024. Out of area students are welcome to apply.


Specialist Volleyball Enrichment Experience (Monday 20.05.24 3:30pm-4:30pm)

Do you know a student in Year 6 who would be interested in trialing Greenwood College’s amazing Specialist Volleyball program?

Next week we will be hosting Specialist Enrichment Experiences for Volleyball Monday school. Students in Year 6 from any area are invited to participate to see what the Specialist Volleyball program offers!


Registration is essential!



Specialist Volleyball Program Applications and Trials

Approved Specialist Programs give students real-world skills and a head start in reaching their goals. Teachers and coaches are adept at recognising and developing students’ skills in their areas of interest. Students can select pathways that prepare them for a wide range of opportunities, skills and investigate their individual strengths and interests.

Greenwood College’s Specialist Volleyball Program is supporting the development of future community and sporting leaders, building on the athletic and teamwork skills of young adults. Our program sets high standards for player achievement, as well as personal growth through the development of character and self-discipline.

Building toward competitive play, the Specialist Volleyball Program offers integrated indoor and beach volleyball, enabling students to participate in a variety of events, competitions and carnivals. The program has an explicit focus on game play, as well as the development of capacity in leadership and teamwork skills. Offering a variety of competitive excursions against other schools, extra-curricular season play through the Volleyball WA competitions and incredible support networks to develop confidence, ability and performance in the sport.

Affiliated to Volleyball WA, the Specialist Volleyball Program provides an opportunity for students to compete and become successful at state and national levels. Our College coaches are fully accredited with Volleyball WA and are experienced coaching at school, club, and state levels. Specialist Volleyball supports students to compete at an elite level, with 11 WA players currently enrolled in the program, with numerous students successfully representing both Western Australia and Australia from their experience at Greenwood College. Individual success is complimented with team success through the program, with teams medalling at both state and national competitions, offering all students a rewarding experience.

Successful applicants will be able to demonstrate:

  • A genuine enthusiasm and engagement in team sport and a willingness to develop in the sport of volleyball
  • Consistent high level of positive behaviour and attitude that align to participation in a specialist program
  • Teamwork and communication skills that show they are team players who are willing to work collaboratively
  • Willingness to commit to extra-curricular trainings, matches, competitions and excursions to develop further

Further information and a copy of the application can be found on our website: Volleyball — Greenwood College or by contacting Peter Fitzgerald (Specialist Program Coordinator; [email protected] 08 9234 4300).