Volleyball – a sport that unites!

As part of our acknowledgement and celebration of Harmony Week, Volleyball WA hosted the 2022 Harmony Cup, a social volleyball competition for all communities to play and celebrate our vibrant multicultural State.

This event has grown from 8 teams in 2018 to 38 teams and 242 players who were representing countries like India, Japan, Brazil, Italy, The Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Afghanistan, Mauritius and more hitting the courts at Loftus Recreation Centre.

Volleyball is truly a world sport, with 221 countries playing the game across the globe. Volleyball WA has witnessed its popularity within the local CaLD community and its ability to bring people together. Volleyball is literally uniting people, helping to connect others who share similar cultural backgrounds and a love for the game.

“What Volleyball WA has learnt is that these clubs want to play in a different way, they want less formal, structured events to compete in, they are less concerned about where they play, happy to play in parks and on beaches and often just need our support to get the basics like park lighting and a secure location for their equipment.” Said Robyn Kuhl, CEO Volleyball WA.

“What makes Harmony Cup and others like it different is seeing people celebrate each other’s achievements, acknowledging each other’s skills and supporting one another, said Maurice Marcello, Secretary United Volleyball Club. The atmosphere created at Harmony Cup is one of belonging and genuine sharing between people from different cultures.”

Harmony Cup 2022 was a wonderful celebration of the ethnic diversity and the skills within this community.

The final results:

Female A

Winner- Eliza Jerica

Runner Up- Wonder Women

Female B

Winner- Lady Chequers

Runner Up- Beleza

Male A

Winner- Panjab Warriors Sports Club

Runner Up- Daks Battalion

Male B

Winner- Team Green

Runner Up- Baby Meerkats


Winner- Zipzip Houten

Runner Up- Tan

The next social volley competition will be the Alcohol, Think Again Country of Origin Indoor on October 9. For more information visit www.volleyballwa.com.au.