New Faces on the VWA Board

Following the 2022 AGM, we are pleased to announce and welcome a couple of fresh faces while saying thanks and farewell to others.

Firstly, to our outgoing board members Mitchell Collins, Joanne Fitzpatrick, and Matt Waddington who also spent a short amount of time on the board before taking on the Presidents role at Rossmoyne Volleyball Club, our sincere thanks for your contribution to our sport.

Next a big welcome to Michelle Hort. She is a marketing professional with extensive experience, who has been responsible for maintaining the “public face” of various organisations including Gymnastics WA. With a unique set of skills in services and digital marketing, business development, event management, and stakeholder engagement she is looking forward to contributing to the growth of the sport.

Ruth Gibbons is another new member of the board with an extensive background in education, management, strategy, change, and community development.  As a Consultant that has acquired over 20 years experience in the sport and recreation industry, Ruth brings a rich history of skills and knowledge to draw upon and will be a welcome contributor to board discussions.

Other movements include Matt Hodges – who will now move into an elected member’s position in the board. Rachel Funch will continue for a further 12 months as an appointed Director.

Our board members play a vital role in setting the strategic direction and ensuring ongoing good governance for the sport, they volunteer their time and expertise every month and we thank them all for their passion in seeing the sport thrive.

You can read more about our board members on the website here.