Coach Announcements

Volleyball WA would like to congratulate the following coaches on their successful appointment to their respective Coaching Positions. We are extremely lucky to have a raft of quality and experienced coaches leading our athletes.


  • Team Manager – Craig Butler
  • Head Coach – Cameron Edwards
  • Assistant Coach – Travis Luff


VWA AVL –  Women’s


VWA AJVC HOD and Coaches

  • HOD – Robyn Fittock
  • U19 (Men) – Mitchell Collins (HC) and Cameron Edwards (AC)
  • U19 (Women) – Angie Ayers (HC) and TBC
  • U17 (Men) – Travis Luff (HC) and Darren Beltman (AC)
  • U17 (women) – Gareth Bowen (HC) and Yoshi Sawada (AC)
  • U15 (Men) – Jimmie Mok (HC) and Carly Walters (AC)
  • U15 (Women) – Dixie Hyatt (HC) and Tyanna Johnson (AC)

VWA Development Squad (Indoor)

  • Head Coach (Boys) – Angie Ayers
  • Head Coach (Girls) – Robyn Fittock
  • Coaches:  Darren Beltman, Gareth Bowen, Kieran Cranley, Phil Hardy, Dixie Hyatt, Tyanna Johnson, Jimmie Mok, Yoshi Sawada, Laurel Wentworth