2015 Australian Volleyball League Commences Soon

[colored_box color=”eg. blue, green, grey, red, yellow”]The Pearls and Hornets are gearing up again.
Show your support at the home rounds[/colored_box]

New Pearls Logo

24/10/15     5pm     State Netball Centre
25/10/15    11am    State Netball Centre
31/10/15     3pm     Craigie Leisure Centre
1/11/15      11am    Craigie Leisure Centre

WA Hornets copy 1

24/10/15     7pm     State Netball Centre
25/10/15     1pm     State Netball Centre
31/10/15     5pm     Craigie Leisure Centre
1/11/15       1pm     Craigie Leisure Centre


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