Inner City Beach Social Beach Volleyball Results

MONDAY (2 a side)

Male A – Winners ‘Midnight Blockers’. Runners up ‘Chris & Mark’ (2-1) – Very close match that saw 3 sets to crown a winner. It was also the last match for Mark (Snaky) Termeer who is now back home in New Zeland.

Male B – Winners ‘Volleyball Luckiners’. Runners up ‘MA Team’ (2-0) – After being bump up to the semifinals because of other team dropping out, the ‘MA Team’ didn’t miss the opportunity and got themselves the Silver medal. However, they couldn’t beat the experience of the Volleyball Luckiners.

Open A – Winners ‘No More Sad Face’. Runners up ‘The Expandaballs’ (2-1) – ‘The Expandaballs’ were the favorites in this final since they had a pretty good record this season, however ‘No more sad face’ took this chance and fought till the end, taking the 3rd set 15-13 and winning gold.

Open B – Winners ‘AKD’. Runners up ‘Diva’ (2-0) – After a close first set, AKD really wanted the first place and didn’t concede many points taking the gold medal at the end.

TUESDAY (4 a side)

A Division – Winners ‘Womp’. Runners up ‘Joy of Sets’ (2-0) – Even though the sets were close ‘Joy of Sets’ could not break ‘Womp’s clean record this season. Womp won all their matches this season and took the gold home.

B Division – Winners ‘Net Assets’. Runners up ‘Bacon, Bacon, Bacon’ (2-1) – ‘Bacon, Bacon, Bacon’ and ‘Net Assets’ had been neck to neck all season, both making the finals with equal points. And in that line they had to play a 3rd set to decide the winner. ‘Net Assets’ won with a final score of 15-13 taking the gold medal.