Why volleyball is so good for your teenager!

Teenagers have so much going on in their lives, new school environments and study stress, changes in hormones, the influence of technology, the pressure to fit in, and confusing media messages. Sport can be so important in playing a positive role in the development of a young person.

Here are some of the reasons parents should continue to model a healthy, active lifestyle and encourage their kids to continue or start a sport during high school.

Sport is good for physical fitness as well as mental health. Volleyball is good for aerobic fitness of course but it can also help with strength, control, reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and agility.

Sport helps to shape a young person’s identity, builds confidence, independence, and pride. As a team sport, it teaches teens about sportsmanship and fair play promotes a greater understanding of diversity and inclusion. Volleyball can also give teens a broader friendship circle in which they can confide and share life experiences.

Sport is also good for boosting brain power and what parents wouldn’t like to see their teens focus, manage their time, stress, and improve their grades.

And after school teens who have been involved in sport growing up take important life skills like discipline, strong work ethic, emotional intelligence, and empathy into the workplace.

So, what does High School Volleyball look like? Volleyball WA operates two major High School competitions each year. The Think Again High School Beach Cup is one and is an opportunity for High School athletes to participate in a four-a-side beach volleyball competition in March. The competition has multiple divisions across years 7/8, 9/10, and 11/12. With school pride on the line the competition is always fierce and a lot of fun. Later in the year we also run the Think Again High School Cup indoor competition which provides opportunities for athletes to play another style of volleyball.  For more information on this upcoming event visit our website.

If your teen is interested in playing Volleyball, then ask if the school has a program they can join and if not, we would love the opportunity to talk to the teachers to get one started. Contact Chris in our office via email    [email protected].

For more information on how your teen can play Volleyball at school or as an after-school activity call us on 9228 8522 or visit our juniors page.