Membership Reminder

This is a reminder for all players. Your 2017 membership will expire on the 31st of March, with Volleyball WA transitioning to a new membership structure.

Alcohol. Think Again Beach Tour players please note you have two options in regards to membership for the remainder of the season. If you plan on playing in the both of the remaining 2017/18 ATABT stops, the upcoming WAVL, WAVjL or 2018/19 ATABT tour then you will need a new 2018/19 platinum membership. However if you are intending on playing at only one of the two remaining ATABT stops and nothing else for the year, you can purchase a restricted one off event membership.

We would highly recommend that all ATABT players look at getting  a platinum membership to avoid having to pay $15 one-off and then buy a full platinum membership later in the year. We would also like to remind you that nomination for Sorrento close tomorrow at 5pm.