Meet the Steel Coaches

We know meeting new people can be hard, so Volleyball WA is here to help develop the circle of trust with our 2020 Volleyball WA Steel Coaches.

Volleyball WA is delighted to announce Mandy Combes (Balcatta Volleyball Club) and Ben Gray (Northern Stars Volleyball Club) are set to parent coach the 2020 Volleyball WA Steel women and men’s teams respectively. Working alongside them will be women’s assistant coach Laurel Wentworth (Reds Volleyball Club) and men’s assistant coach Stuart Carr (Fremantle Volleyball Club).

To help prepare for the year ahead, we asked them to put on their coaching hats and watch the Pool Volley scene from the 2000 Ben Stiller and Robert de Niro movie ‘Meet the Parents.’ While varied, here are some insights into what they will bring to the 2020 Volleyball WA Steel teams.

Incoming Men’s Coach Ben Gray identified that when he is looking for talented players he focuses on seeing a “willingness to learn, being a team player and leadership qualities.” None of which he saw in the film.

“My feedback, they should all stick to acting!” said Gray.

While WA coaching stalwart Mandy Combes identified four key traits in a good volleyballer; “athleticism, coachability, desire and commitment.” Again none of which she saw in the film.

“It usually works better if you have a good team plan from the start… and everyone is on the same page.” Said Laurel Wentworth

When asked what they think the secret to being a good volleyball player is, the coaches agreed that being a team player is key.

“Being willing to learn and work hard, and going above and beyond what’s asked from you.” said Gray.

“They need to be ‘bettering the ball’ and be a team player.” Added Carr

“To be determined, to work hard, to improve yourself and your team.” said Wentworth.

Volleyball WA would like to congratulate the four coaches and will release more information about the 2020 Volleyball WA Steel teams as it becomes available.