Find your 30 with Discover Volleyball

This Summer Volleyball WA, in partnership with Volleyball Australia, have designed some new volleyball products to help you find your 30 minutes of daily exercise.

Through our Discover Volleyball campaign Volleyball WA have developed two new kits to use in the comfort of your own home, down at the park or even at a friend’s pool. 

The new Pool Volley and Backyard Volley kits have been created to get you moving over the festive period. With the summer of sport set to light up television screens across Australia, Volleyball WA is setting the challenge to jump off the couch and head outside.

“Sport participation by Australians is becoming increasingly passive. Australians need to put down the remote control and mobile devices and head outdoors.” Dr David Hughes, AIS Chief Medical Officer said. 

The Pool Volley and Backyard Volley kits are a simple solution to help you exercise and fell better. By playing 30 minutes of volleyball each day you can lead a healthier lifestyle and set a great example for those around.

“We all know the pitfalls of the festive season, too much food, maybe one too many parties and you can start the new year off on the wrong foot. This year we are excited to offer our brand new Pool Volley and Backyard Volley kits as a way to play with friends and family to help find 30.” Robyn Kuhl, Volleyball WA CEO said. 

The Pool Volley and Backyard Volley kits can be purchased through the Volleyball WA website, with individual kits starting from $30 and a special combined kit currently retailing at $40. 

To discover more about the kits or to purchase your own Pool Volley and Backyard Volley kit, head to the Volleyball WA Volley Shop or click here. 

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