APM Supports Sitting Volleyball in WA

Volleyball WA is excited to announce a new partnership with APM (Advanced Personnel Management). The partnership will help drive the engagement of people with disability in the sport.

Through APM’s support, Volleyball WA successfully hosted its first Sitting Volleyball sessions at Cockburn ARC and Loftus Recreation Centre this month and there are plans to run further sessions in the south metro areas of Perth in November 2020.

Sitting volleyball is a sport for all, including athletes with disability.  It is similar to standing volleyball but is played on a smaller court and lower net.  It is usually indoors and the players, who have various levels and types of physical impairment, must move around the court in a seated position on the floor. It is perhaps the most widely known form of ParaVolley thanks to its inclusion in the Paralympic Games since 1980. Played by over 10,000 athletes, in more than 75 countries worldwide it is a truly global game that anyone can play.

APM’s sponsorship will also help Volleyball WA to purchase the first sitting volleyball net system in Western Australia. This means that official training sessions and sitting volleyball competitions can be coordinated in the future.

Volleyball WA CEO Robyn Kuhl welcomed the new partnership and encouraged the community to “be more inclusive and welcoming to all abilities.”

“As a sport, our vision is to be the game for all, so it has been one of our strategic initiatives to provide opportunities for people with disability. Sitting volleyball has also helped us to reinforce our association’s values of being inclusive and accessible. We look forward to working with APM to continue developing this code of the sport.”

Group CEO Michael Anghie said APM was proud to support Sitting Volleyball.

“Sport plays a critical role in building connection and community” Mr Anghie said.

“At APM we see first-hand how greater inclusion in the workplace and sports brings us all closer and produces a more diverse and understanding society. We are very pleased to support this great initiative.”

APM is the world’s leading mission-driven human services organisation delivering services and programs to enable better lives across 10 countries. They are dedicated to strong values, helping people lead successful and fulfilling lives, offering great opportunities and careers for our team members.

To find out more about APM head to https://apm.net.au

For more information on Sitting Volleyball, contact Volleyball WA at [email protected] or call 08 9228 8522.