5 Ways to be active at Home

It might feel like you are stuck on an island like Tom Hanks in Cast Away, but like Hanks your trusty volleyball is here to help!

We know during these times it might be difficult to stay active and find your 30, but we’ve compiled some quick fixes to help you get through the weekend.

  1. Play Volleyball
    • While the public nets are closed, the backyard is still your sanctuary! Head outside and challenge each other to see who in the household reigns supreme.
  2. Star Physio is here to spot you.
    • Star Physio have done the heavy lifting so that you can get the gains. The volleyball physio experts have created a whole library of exercise videos you can do at home to help maintain your strength while the gym is shut.
  3. Dance like no one is watching
    • It’s a weekend, so it’s time to party! Whether you have Spotify, Apple Music or Granddad’s turn table, a dance party is a great way to get those good feelings going.
    • Extra points if you can dance while doing volleyball!
  4. Activate your Body, Mind & Soul
    • YouTube is great for more reasons than just movie trailers and make-up tutorials. Why not try a free yoga video to help nourish the body. Here is a link to help you get started:
  5. Be active about your Mental Health.

Whether it’s with the family, housemates or by yourself, make sure you find 30 this weekend.

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