2019 WA Volleyball League Final Report Released

Volleyball WA has released the final report from the 2019 WA Volleyball League Review.

The report is the product of an initiated review to analyse the structure, administration, management, coordination and delivery of Volleyball WA’s premier indoor competition.

Volleyball WA CEO Robyn Kuhl said that the report is ‘the product of an extensive consultation period and considerable consolidation of the source material.’

“Volleyball WA will continue to engage clubs through the year to continue strengthening the sport’s alignment. We implore the clubs to champion the decisions outlined in the report, and to embrace them for the upcoming 2020 WA Volleyball League season.” Kuhl said.

Among the report’s 43 key findings and recommendations, the report outlines:

  • Volleyball WA will implement a new club and communication engagement strategy;
  • Increase the level of club development opportunities for clubs;
  • Provide clubs with a quarterly update on school-related programs and events;
  • For clubs to be able to compete in the 2020 State League, the clubs must nominate one team in State League and one team in State League Reserve (One gender). For example; Two female teams or two male teams;
  • Changes to the 2020 Division Competition rules and regulations.

“The 2019 Review has been an opportunity for the sport to reflect on what has worked well and identify criteria that needs improving. The review has been comprehensive, and whilst it is not possible to accommodate every request for change, we truly believe we have reached a middle ground that will work for the majority without compromising the future direction necessary for the sport.” Ian Phipps Volleyball WA President added.

“I trust the clubs and the wider volleyball indoor community can see the effort made, the transparency applied and that all can get right behind Volleyball WA’s efforts toward securing this great sport’s future.”

Part of the review’s scope was to confirm the competition’s purpose with clubs asked to clarify what they believe the primary purpose is. All clubs agreed that the State League and State League Reserve competitions are to ‘provide a competition for the highest level of the sport in WA and should be an athlete pathway for the Australian Volleyball League and Australian squads’. While the purpose of the Divisions competition is to ‘provide a structured competition league for future potential athletes along the High-Performance pathway and provide a pathway to play in State League and State League reserve. Provide opportunities for members to play in a competitive environment and the ability to play for a club.’ These purpose statements have since been agreed to and adopted by the Volleyball WA board.

As per the club’s request, Volleyball WA has changed the competition rules for the 2020 Divisions competition to be:

  • All matches will be best of five sets, sets 1 – 4 to 25 points, point for rally with the 5th set being point for rally to 15 points in a 2 hour timed format (which includes a 10-minute warmup).
  • At the end of two hours, if the game is incomplete the following will occur;
    • If the play is in the 4th set, the team 2 sets up is the winner.
    • If the play is in the 5th set, a team must win by two points.
  • WAVL Divisions will play each team twice if there are eight teams in the grade, and then play each other three times if there are six or seven teams in the grade.
  • The 1st Referee to be provided with a game fee.

The 2019 WA Volleyball League extensive review and final 2020 WA Volleyball League Criteria have now been finalised for this year’s upcoming 2020 season. May all clubs, players, officials have a fantastic 2020 competition.

For more information about the 2019 WA Volleyball League review or 2020 WA Volleyball League competition, please contact the VWA office.