2017 Volleyball World Masters


A HUGE congratulations to all the teams from WA that participated in the 2017 World Masters for Volleyball in New Zealand over the past week! A special mention to our medal winners: 

In beach, mixed fours 45+ Wombats won gold (Mauro Vennitti, Cezanne Ezard, Craig Elphick, Deb Elphick, Nat Smith, Alwyn White). 

Scar Wars (Robert Lislouis and Romano Fracassini) got silver in 55+ men’s pairs.

In indoor, Empire Spikes Back won gold in 40+ B Division (David Hedge, Alwyn White, Ian Phipps, Denis Webb, Joe DeMarco, Nick McKenzie, Matt Thackray).

Cgynets won gold in women’s 30+ (Alex Moir, Mel Davey, Angel Kennedy, Jen Cartwright, Marissa Bozzano, Yvonne McLachlan, Jackie Hutchinson, Sachi Kuroiwa).

Swans won silver in 40+ women’s (Misa Tagomori, Fiona McGowan, Flavia Oats, Theresa George, Elisa Caparelli, Siobhan Gaughan, Ayumi Shinjo)