Volleyball WA are powered by Fortix

While some sports can attract large cash partnerships from global brands like Nike, Coke, Visa and Vodaphone each making business decisions to support sport for the reach and appeal of millions, sponsorship for other sports like Volleyball means that much more.

The value of sport sponsorship in Australia was around US$734 million in 2018. This has been affected by COVID of course in more recent years, cancellations and postponements, spectator restrictions challenging the usual ROI for the bigger companies Luckily some Governments in Australia stepped in to support sport during COVID to ensure sustainability during and post COVID and to keep the physical and mental health of the community in check during uncertain times.

And it has not only been government but also local companies like Fortix that have maintained their support of sport and Volleyball in WA.

Fortix have been a long-time supporter of Volleyball in this state. They provide Volleyball WA with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to assist us to manage and communicate with our members, clubs, association, coaches, and referees. This same system is used to manage the annual membership and affiliation process, our events, and competitions plus our education programs. Fortix is supporting the growth of our sport through its technology, enabling us to manage our data, run more efficiently and provide a streamlined service to our customers.

As a sponsor Fortix has its company brand connected to the annual Corporate Cup event, this increases their brand recognition, differentiates them from the competition, provides an emotional connection between the two organisations, offers them networking and support sales opportunities and the chance to build attractive content linked to the shared values of community, family, inclusivity, accessibility, health & wellbeing.

Paul Faix, CEO of Fortix said “The company was proud to be associated with a sport which has such a strong connection to the community, that the partnership has a positive impact on his staff who are equally honoured by the association and working for a company which supports locals. “

Fortix is a great believer in paying to forward. Generosity is at the heart of the company and has inspired them the create the Win with Fortix sponsorship program. They love to partner with sports clubs, non for profits and charities to make the world a better place so if your club or organisation could do with a helping hand all you need to do is reach out. For more information visit https://fortix.com.au/community/

Volleyball WA is grateful for the support of Fortix and others like them who help us provide opportunities for all West Australians to play the world sport of Volleyball in an inclusive and fun environment every year.

For more information about how you can support the sport please contact us on 9228 8522 or [email protected].