Beach and indoor social competition results

The Indoor social competition at Warwick and at Forrestfield had a great 2014 summer season.  Good fun was had by all the team s& players and thanks to each of them for their commitment for the season.


At the Warwick social-competition,  a huge congratulations to the Division A winners, Omid Jaghory and Runners-up, West Coast Eagles.  The Grand Ginal was an exciting match played in 3 sets.

In Division B, a special congratulations to Six Packs  who defeated  Sets Offenders.   It is great effort from Six Packs who have now won the grand final three seasons in a row.


At the Forrestfield social-competition, congratulations go to Potential  who won the Cup competition and The Wizards  who took out the Plate competition.

The beach social-competition at Inner City Beach (formerly Royal Park) had a fantastic 2014 summer season.   Different competitions were played on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights.  Thank you to all the teams and players for their participation in the competition and congratulations to all the winners and runners-ups in each division.

 Inner City Beach 

Monday 2 a-side;

Div. Men AA

Winners: Winley and Joe

Runners up:  Dumb and Dumber

Div. Men A

Winners:  Jake and Pete

Runners up:  The Nobles

Div. Women A

Winners:  The Pink Panthers

Runners up:  Short and Awesome

Div. Women B

Winners:  Couch Warmers

Runners up:  Sandy Monkeys

Div. Mixed A

Winners:  Makuta Matata

Runners up:  Eeeshee

Div. Mixed B

Winners:  Nicolette and Bernard

Runners up; Candy Crush

Div. Mixed C

Winners:  Viking

Runners up:  Cosmic Rays

Tuesday mixed 4 a-side

Div. A

Winners:   Joy of Sets

Runners up:   Diggin it!

Div. B

Winners:  VARGNER

Runners up:  Golden Girls

Wednesday open 4 a-side

Div. A

Winners:  I’d hit that

Runners up:  Victorious Secret

Div. B

Winners:  Sonova Beach

Runners up:  Dig this!

Anyone can play in social volleyball competitions, regardless of their skill level.  It’s a great way to keep fit.

Well done to all players.   See you next season!