Meet the new Healthway Volleyball WA Ambassadors

Volleyball WA and Healthway are pleased to announce the appointment of four young, inspirational players and future leaders in our sport as our very first Ambassadors.

“Each of them has experienced a unique journey in the sport, one which they are still enjoying as they set new goals of future success, and all are paving the way for the next generation,” said Robyn Kuhl, CEO Volleyball WA.

“Volleyball WA is leading the way in promoting a healthy lifestyle through volleyball. These young players are a big part of the volleyball community and represent the values of growth, respect, family, wellbeing, accessibility and inclusiveness which makes them a great choice.” she went on to say.

Shelby Maher

Shelby is a familiar face on both the beach and indoor court and has already amassed several outstanding accolades including  Volleyball WA Female Indoor Player of the Year in 2017 and 2020 and Female Beach Volleyball Player of the Year in 2016 and 2020. She has competed in the U19 and U21 World Championships, won Gold in the U19 Australian Junior Volleyball Championships and Silver in the Australian Volleyball League in 2017.  The oldest of our Ambassadors at only 24 she hopes to remain fit and healthy for many more years, compete and win a WA Volleyball League premiership and play in more National Tours.

Kiriill Butler

Kiriill is the relative newcomer in the group only picking up Volleyball about two years ago but blessed with height and natural athleticism he has already achieved some early success. Winning the 2020 WA Intervarsity Championship with Curtin University and the 2019 Alcohol. Think Again WA Open Men’s Competitive Division. He is currently studying a Data Science and Finance degree and is an active member of the Lead Volley Panel.




Jasmine Serra

Jasmine has competed on the national level in both beach and indoor volleyball. Her strong work ethic and ability to perform under pressure were recognised early on by Women’s Captain and Volleyroo Jen Sadler, awarded the position of starting setter in 2019 in the WA Steel Junior team. She shows no fear on the court and turns up to each game with a healthy optimism, leading by example on and off the court. She is an active member of the Lead Volley Panel. She was thrilled to win at the recent Alcohol.Think Again Beach Tour Scarborough Markets event which was an inaugural King and Queen of the court competition. Her goal is to be selected for the Australian Volleyball League Team in 2021.

 Will Dundas

Will’s love for the game is evident as he plays beach and indoor volleyball and is a qualified referee. He is also contributing to the game off the court as well, as Reds Volleyball Club Secretary he is committed to building a vibrant Reds community and continuing to work to create a positive Club environment. A key priority for the club is to produce players, coaches, referees, and volunteers who are good people and embody the values of sportsmanship, fairness, honesty and respect all the same values shared by Volleyball WA. He aspires to travel more with the sport nationally and internationally and is currently working towards becoming a Level 3 Referee.

For more information about Volleyball WA visit or contact the Volleyball WA office on 9228 8522.