Fortix – A company that cares for the community

Volleyball WA is always pleased to share the good work of our partners in the community and has recently seen how Fortix is reaching out to help others during the pandemic.

Fortix owner Paul Faix and his wife Denisa have started a community project that will help people to get through the pandemic – Care Group.

The idea is based on the following three things;

  • that togetherwe will beat the pandemic,
  • if we all take care of each otherwe lessen the impact on the medical system and free our amazing paramedics, nurses, and doctors to care for people who need their help and,
  • that Unity and lovefor our family, friends and neighbours is a better approach.

Paul said” This is a local Western Australian community project, and it is our way to fight the pandemic. It will be running for as long as there will be people in WA who need help so no one will be left alone. Vaccination is very important, and WA has well over 94% people vaccinated. However, there is still more each of us can do.”

Here are just some of the reasons why starting your own care group is so important:

  • Health System – If you don’t have the care plan, the only plan you have when you get sick is to dial 000 – which puts enormous pressure on our health system.
  • Help – If you get sick you need to eat, someone will need to care of your children, you will need medicine and support to keep an eye on you. Possibly take you to the hospital if required. That’s a lot of work for one person – and what if that person gets sick?
  • Mindset – A healthy mind will help you to recover better. If you are not pressed by worries and fear your body can use 100% of its energy to fight the virus.
  • Helping people – Regardless of if you get the virus or not, you are showing others that you care for them. Your love creates strong society where people can together overcome any challenges

Read about some of the other reasons and how you can get involved and support your community visit