Blast from the Past

How is this for a ‘Blast from the Past?’ Everyone in this photo has made a huge contribution to our game here in Western Australia and by pure coincidence were all recently at Loftus Recreation Centre taking in some current day Volleyball.

From the left to right: Rod Clinch, a father of 4 of our current volleyballers. John Borszeky, a previous Senior Coach with Balcatta, and Lyn Borszeky both of whom are long standing players who have two sons playing in our WAVL competition and a daughter who has also played. Murray Patchett who was president of the Western Australia Volleyball Association, State player and coach during the late 70’s/early 80’s and also the founder of the Hawkes Volleyball Club which operated during the 1970’s to 1980’s. Also from the Hawkes is Peter Murphy, a former Volleyball WA committee member and state representative, but more recently a founding committee member at Northern Stars Volleyball Club. Next is Dixie Hyatt, a great supporter of the Rossmoyne Volleyball programme and a current coach at Rossmoyne. Lastly, yours truly celebrating 52 years of Volleyball involvement here in Western Australia.

Many thanks to you all for your contribution to our great game over the years.