2016 Collie Coal Cup Results

Thank you so much for being part of this years Collie Coal Cup.

Here are the results.

Men’s A

Winner: #Your Mum.   2-1

R/up: Drunken Monks

MVP: Mitch Collins (The Kings )

Women’s A

Winner: McTeamy  2-0

R/up: M & M’s

MVP: Minna Arminen ( M&M’s )

Men’s A Res

Winner: Team Bastarda  2-0

R/up: BVA Jam

MVP: Greg Hunt (NWA)

Women’s A Res:

Winner: The Sailor Moon Squad  2-0

R/up: Around The World

MVP: Biancka Morton (Wug Wug)

Men’s B

Winner: Raiders  2-1

R/up: Collie

MVP: Hayden De Angelis  ( Collie )

Women’s B

Winner: Villains Of Superness  2-1

R/up: Shark Week

MVP: Jemma Shaw  (Shark Week)


And the winner of the Collie Coal Cup is………….  “FORMULA 69”


Thank you all so much for supporting our tournament. See you all next year.


Deb De Angelis

Tournament Coordinator