Alcohol. Think Again Beach Tour – Round Five

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Alcohol. Think Again Beach Tour (ATABT)

Round Five: King of the Court, Scarborough Sunset Markets

Date: Thursday 18th February, 2021
Location: Scarborough Beach Amphitheatre
Cost: TBC

Event Information
The Alcohol. Think Again Beach Tour will launch its inaugural King of the Court event in the 2020/2021 season. Following a similar format to the AVP, this event will be limited in teams based on seed index, and will take place at the lively Scarborough Sunset Markets for one of the biggest crowds the tour has seen. More details to be confirmed at a later date.

Supporting Documents
ATABT 2020/2021 Schedule

ATABT 2020/2021 Handbook

2020/2021 Beach Volleyball Calendar


For further information please contact the [email protected] or call the office on 9228 8522.